Sunday, August 24, 2014

Was Seattle’s Great Wheel a great investment or a colossal blunder?

Seattle Great Wheel
Seattle's Great Wheel at Pier 57
Rising 175 feet over Elliot Bay, Seattle’s Great Wheel occupies a dominant spot on the ever-changing Seattle skyline. Since opening at Pier 57 in June 2012, the Great Wheel has secured a spot as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Seattle by promising a fun ride with spectacular views of the city, the Puget Sound, and beyond.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

You won’t believe what my realtor sent me

Kevin - congratulations! You have been in your condo for six years as of June 30! Just closed on a unit in the other stack for less than you paid. Crazy market!  Did the building next door take away your view? Hope all is well.  Congrats! Roger.
In 2014, I celebrated six years in my condominium in the Belltown neighborhood of Seattle.  I purchased my condo in June 2008 for $327,000, not long after the US entered a severe recession due to the bursting of the housing bubble in mid-2007. At the time, I thought it was an ideal time to buy since housing prices had already started plummeting and the US government offered a first time home buyer credit, which would make the purchase price more affordable.  Although housing prices had started to decline, I knew that historically inflation adjusted housing prices had climbed steadily since at least 1970 and housing seemed like a safe investment. I also figured that rents were only slightly less than a monthly mortgage payment, so I would be better off buying.