Sunday, November 3, 2013

11 Ways to Know You’re a Spender

If this list sounds like you, you’re most likely a spender and not a saver. The only solution is to spend more time at Unlimited Net Worth!
1. You pay the minimum on your credit card because why would you want to pay more?

2. You have more than 50 pairs of designer shoes.  Each outfit needs a matching pair.

3. You’re only young once so you might as well live it up.  Yolo!

4. Last season’s clothing isn’t good enough.
5. Life is too short to eat at home or do dishes

6. Best to be on the cutting edge with technology.

7. Driving a nice car is the only way to go since it makes a statement about you.

8. People who say air travel has gotten worse travel in coach.

9. Laundry takes far too much time.  Better to pay someone to clean the clothing.  All good clothing is dry cleaned anyway.

10. It's worth the extra money for fine wine.  As an added bonus, the hang over won't be as bad.

11. Who makes coffee at home these days?  A coffee a day from Starbucks just tastes better.