Saturday, October 19, 2013

5 Money Saving Tips #1

Money Saving Tips

1. Check out movies and books for free at the library
It’s true, libraries carry many of the latest movies, TV shows, books, and e-books. With e-books, you don’t even need to set foot in the library to pick up the latest literary masterpieces.

2. Cut your cable subscription
With cable bills typically costing over $100/month, cut the cord and instead get your media through the library or through low cost sites like Hulu, Netflix, etc. Pick up an antenna to watch most major sporting events over the air free. At a minimum, renegotiate your cable contract to get the best available deal.

3. Cook and eat at home
Not only is eating at home healthier for you, you’ll also save a considerable amount of money. A grocery bill of $100 can easily cover one person for the week. This equates to one to two fancy meals out. As an added bonus, you’ll save a lot since the sales taxes on groceries are negligible.

4. Take public transportation
Not only is riding public transportation friendly on your pocket book, but you’ll also do good to the environment. This will make your commute less stressful and give you time to catch up on reading.

5. Sign up for a credit card that gives you cash back
When you shop at the store, there’s no reason you shouldn’t reduce your costs by getting some of the purchase price back. Sign up for a credit card that gives you cash back, like the Fidelity American Express card that offers 2% cash back.

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