Friday, May 9, 2014

5 Money Saving Tips #2

Happy Friday!  Kick off the weekend with some quick money saving tips:

1. Install energy efficient light bulbs
Incandescent light bulbs might give off a more pleasant color, but most of the electricity goes towards heat.  Consider installing LED or fluorescent light bulbs to reduce your electric bill.  The initial cost might be higher, but the lower energy costs will save money over the long run.  Plus, the color from new LED bulbs is comparable if not better than incandescent light bulbs.

2. Take advantage of free drinks or coffee at work
Does your employer offer free coffee? Take advantage of the free coffee instead of forking away $4 - $5 for a Starbucks coffee.

3. Buy a used car instead of a new car
When you buy a new car, the value drops by a few thousand the moment you drive off the lot.  As long as you’re buying a quality used car and not a lemon, you’ll save a considerable amount of money.

4. Use a supermarket gas card
Does your grocery store offer gas points for shopping there?  Safeway, Stop and Shop, Kroger, and many others offer gas rewards.  Make sure always to use your store card to get better pricing on products and to save money on gas.

5. Put on a sweater in the spring instead of turning on the heat
Are you feeling a little cold in the spring?  Instead of turning on the heat and paying a higher gas or electric bill, put a sweater on instead to take advantage of your own body generated heat.

See money saving tips #1.