Monday, September 22, 2014

Celebrating 20 years in business... for the last 3 years

The Uptown China Restaurant celebrates 20 years in business
The restaurant business is notorious for rapid openings and just as rapid closings. TV shows like Kitchen Nightmares and Restaurant Impossible show us time and time again the difficulties of keeping a restaurant afloat. It's no wonder then that the Uptown China Restaurant in the Queen Anne Neighborhood of Seattle has made a big deal out of its 20 year celebration, one which it has been celebrating for the last 3 years as of 9/2014.

Given that most businesses fail in the first few years, it's quite an accomplishment to make it to the 20 year mark. The Uptown China Restaurant simply knows no stopping. As such, a celebration is certainly in store and perhaps even overdue, although it's debatable whether 3 years is an ample amount of time for such a big milestone. Maybe keeping the banners up for another few years is the right approach. If Uptown China sticks with the banners until at least 2042, they can simply add "another" to the text to make it "Celebrating Another 20 Years" as a testament to their longevity.

To be fair, it just sounds so much cleaner saying 20 instead of 22, and with age, you always round down anyway. The banners add a festive flair and elegance that most certainly entices eager diners to try the delicious Yelp 3.5 rated dishes. With quotes such as "their General Tso's is made with REAL CHICKEN" according to Rachel and "They have the best hot and sour soup" according to Angelo Q, Uptown China sets the bar pole vaulting high. Only few restaurants serve up real chicken and being the best at anything with so many thousands of restaurants in the world is next to impossible to beat.  Yet our lovely Uptown China restaurant achieved these fabulous accomplishments.

With such respectable comments, it'll be any day now that Michelin and Zagat come to review this fine establishment. Here's to another 20 years of the Uptown China Restaurant, an establishment that I will certainly never visit!