Saturday, September 27, 2014

Ridiculous Ways to Save Money #3

Ridiculous money saving tips

Making money is hard, which is why saving money should be a priority.  Here are another five ridiculous money saving tips to get you on the path to saving!

1. Camp out instead of staying at a hotel
Motel 6 may be cheap, but camping is even cheaper. Five to six nights at a campsite is the equivalent of one night at a cheap hotel.  Campsites typically offer shared bathrooms and showers. Even better, drive to a remote location and pitch your tent for free- just be careful to stay away from private property and keep your food away from bears. A night under the stars sure beats an old dingy hotel room any night.

2. Harvest rainwater for your garden plants
Why would anyone pay to use tap water to water plants when a downspout can provide you with free rainwater for your garden all year round? Not only does diverting the rainwater keep it from pooling near your house foundation, but provides you with a free source to keep your plants green all summer long.

3. Conveniently forget who lent you money
Forgetting about debt is one of the quickest ways to eliminate said debt, especially if the debt is not from a financial institution that can ruin your credit score. For example, when a debt collector calls you, they probably only paid pennies on the dollar to collect on your debt and have no legitimate recourse. However, if Tony shows up at your door with a bat, you might want to reconsider. It's also in your best interest to avoid this strategy with friends and family for obvious reasons.

4. Re-use Ziploc bags
Ziploc bags are great for storing sandwiches and other foods. Instead of throwing away the Ziploc bag after one use, consider washing out the Ziploc and re-using it again in the future. After a quick rinse, the Ziploc will look like new. Re-using Ziploc bags is not only friendly on your wallet, but eliminates waste.

5. Dry and re-use paper towels
In the spirit of re-using, consider re-using paper towels. If you're only wiping up water or something else that isn't overly messy, you can dry out the paper tower and use it again in the future. Once a paper towel dries out, you'll find its absorption ability is just like new.