Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5 Fun Summer Activities That Won’t Bust the Bank

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather.  All sorts of activities are screaming for your attention, but many carry a hefty price tag.  Amusement park admissions are approaching $70 a day at Six Flags and up to $99 a day at Magic Kingdom.  Many camps are approaching $1,000 to watch over your rug rats for a week.  Here are five almost free things to do this summer that are sure to delight:

1. Visit a national park
National Parks dot the entire United States, including Yosemite in California, Mt Rainier in Washington, Everglades in Florida, Acadia in Maine, and many others.  With entrance fees at only $20 car, you’ll be treated to gorgeous landscapes, countless miles of hiking trails, and stunning vistas.
Hikers enjoying Mount Rainier National Park
2. Play sports at the park
As long as you pay upfront for a basketball, volleyball, tennis racket, etc. you’ll experience countless hours of fun and exercise playing sports with others.
Tennis in the park
3. Go river tubing
You don’t need a water park or a pool to have fun in the water.  Find a local river and rent or buy inner tubes to go tubing.  Renting typically costs $10 - $15 a person and covers the tube rental and transportation back up the river.
Tubing on the Yakima in Washington State
Tubing on the Yakima River

4. Check out your local park
Local parks are usually right around the corner and offer opportunities to enjoy nature, to walk, or to host a BBQ.
Seattle's Golden Gardens beach park
5. Enjoy free shows throughout the summer in the city
Most cities offer a wide variety of free entertainment throughout the summer, including free concerts, air shows, outdoor movies, and many more.  Look up your local community web site or the local newspaper to stay informed on what is happening.
Free air show at Sea Fair in Seattle