Friday, May 16, 2014

Ridiculous Ways to Save Money #2

Did you already implement all of our ridiculous money saving tips #1?  Don’t despair, here's a fresh list to keep you saving money like nobody’s business:

1. Unplug electronics when not in use
Leaving your household appliances and electronics, like desktop computers, TVs, cable TV boxes, and toasters plugged in when not in use is a serious drain on your cash.  Even though they’re turned off, they’re still costing you money.  The Department of Energy estimates that 5% – 10% of energy goes towards these devices.

2. Use plastic bags from the store as trash bags
Why would you ever buy trash bags again when you can simply re-use plastic bags from the store?  Not only is it environmentally friendly to re-use, but free is a lot better than anything that costs money.

3. Re-use floss for a day or two
There’s no reason you can’t use floss and then rinse it off and use it for at least one more day.  Although the American Dental Association (ADA) advises against it since the floss may fray, lose its effectiveness, and distribute bacteria to your mouth, it’s worth it if you’re in a pinch to save some cents.

4. Open the shades and turn the lights off
As summer approaches and the days become longer, open the shades and use the natural light from the sun to light up your room.  Not only will you find the natural sun light very pleasant, you’ll be happy to see that your light bulbs aren’t contributing to your electric bill.

5.  Turn off your water heater when you go on trips
When you’re on a trip, you’re not going to be using your hot water heater, so you might as well turn it off.  When you return, switch it back on and it’ll heat the water swiftly.

Do you have any other clever and ridiculous ways to save some cash?  Add them as comments and we’ll feature them in a future post!

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